Interview Yourself

Yesterday, I interviewed myself for this Video Assignment, where the prompt was:

“Each year since 2017 Vanity Fair interviews Billie Eilish, and in many ways it is an introspective in which she is talking to her former self as the years go on. I hope when you’re reading this they are still doing them! But now it’s your turn. The first part is easy, make a list of questions you want to aks yourself, turn on the camera and hit record. A year from now, take the same questions and record yourself answering them again. Feel free to edit in responses from the previous year and even reactions to those previous answers. As the years go on perhaps you’ll learn more about yourself and who you are becoming.”

Here is the link!

This was actually fairly simple. I took questions from the 2022 Billie Eilish Vanity Fair interview (oddly, the 2023 one is not out . . . so maybe they’re done?) for myself and asked myself the questions. Well, most of the questions. I skipped the ones revolving around fans or about being an artist because I have zero fans and I am not an artist nor am I famous.

Filming was easy, I just filmed it on my iPhone 15 Pro camera and edited it using iMovie. I don’t think I ran into any errors in this or any trouble, it was fairly easy after having practiced using video editors for the class!

This was actually more like a reflection for me, and it kind of forced my to uncover things about myself that I wasn’t aware of our hadn’t voiced. I hadn’t really understood that I put so much work on myself just to escape overthinking thoughts until I, well, thought about it, and this made me think about it.

Obviously, I can’t fast travel and show you 2025’s interview of me, but I’m excited to see where I’ll be then, and I hope 2025 me will feel like I’ve come a long way.

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