Please take all of my photos with a grain of salt . . . sometimes you have to stretch the question a little bit and read between the lines and allow some creativity! But let’s get into this!

Here is my screenshot of when I started my photoblitz! As you can see, I stared at 9:10 (I actually started at 9:08 but I forgot to screenshot)! I’m very excited to say that this only took me around 10 minutes 🙂

Place an object in your shot that’s hard to find or recognize.

(Don’t look at the time I forgot to screenshot before I started!!!!!)

The thing I took about this prompt is that I can choose whatever I want to be the hidden or unrecognizable object in the image, and so can the audience, and it can be different per each one! Personally, the unrecognizable object in this is the bottle! It’s actually a stress bottle (you shake it up and glitter just floats around and it’s relaxing), but I don’t think anyone would have gotten that because of the way it’s out of the foreground and not in the center of the photo. I wanted people to have to look at these objects and question which one was the unrecognizable or hidden object and what they thought about them!! I also didn’t move anything because I wanted it to be natural.

If only shoes could talk. Tell their story in a photo, either on or off someone.

Do you know what the story is behind these shoes? The story is that these are absolute clown shoes. Size 12 in Women’s. Now, I wear between a 10-12, but these just made me look like I have clown shoes and I think that is so so so funny. Also, they tell a story with the text! “I’ve Got Cattitude,” my silly little quirky gift from my mom for Christmas. I do not have cattitude. My feet did not fit in the shoes. The story is that nothing fits at all. I kind of wish I showed that more, but I wasn’t sure how? Maybe I could’ve put them on and shown that they don’t fit but I really did not want to take a picture of my feet!

Make a photo containing or suggesting fire and/or smoke.

Ahh, my fireplace. Personally, this was a very easy picture for me, but I’m actually happy to have taken the photo. If any of you lived in the area during January 2022 (I believe?), you may remember when it snowed so much and we lost power for days. At my house, I remember sleeping in front of the fireplace or sitting there reading a book with five blankets on me. It was actually really comforting! If any of you have a fireplace, whether or not you’re stuck with no power or in the snow, I think you should sit down in front of the fire with a book! It’s very comforting and relaxing to me.

Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way.

I’m cheating a little bit here . . . this is my cat, Cat (yes, that is her real name, I will tell you the story if you ask), and she’s not entirely upside down, because I was not about to make her suffer by putting her upside down for a photo for an assignment. She would have been very mad at me, so instead, I tried to make her look upside down at me. Cats are never upside down, you only ever see them upright, and cats only ever see upright, but here she is, looking upside down at me while stretching her head back! You gotta think out of the box but just trust me.

Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood.

Storytime!! I was born and raised until I was 15 in Kansas! I moved to Virginia because my dad got a better paying job in D.C., so I’ve been here since then. This picture shows a drawing of that that one of my friends from Kansas made and painted (the frame) for me before I moved, depicting my move from Kansas to Virginia. It reminds me of Kansas, which reminds me of my childhood. Also, it kind of looks like it’s collected dust, so it’s clearly been sitting for a while and has aged.

An instrument that measures something.

Please . . . work with me for a minute, okay? Take a walk with me.

Was anyone else taught to use the space between their knuckles to measure an inch? This is what I’m trying to get at. I genuinely don’t know if it’s accurate or not (pretty sure not because we all have different sized hands), but this is what I was taught! And I searched for a ruler or a tape measure in this house before I had this genius idea . . . Maybe my knuckle isn’t an instrument but who said an instrument had to be a real instrument? I think anything can be an instrument if you are able to use it as such, and I definitely used the inch-knuckle trick when I was younger (and still today . . . but no one needs to know that).

They’re all around. Make a photograph of a wheel near you.

These are my desk chair wheels!! There isn’t really a story behind them, they were the nearest wheels to me (right under me). Also, I think the picture is kind of cool . . . nobody loves the use of lines in photos as much as I do . . . also if you squint you can see me in the reflection but I was also trying to hide.

And that’s time!

As you see, it only took me around 10 minutes to do, but I actually had a really good time. I think it allowed me to appreciate the little things around my desk and around my room, things that have collected dust or haven’t been noticed as much as others. I feel pretty good now!!

Personally, in my day to day life, I’m constantly taking pictures of little things because I love appreciating those little things. It feels very nice to me! This taught me to appreciate the little things near me, whereas I usually appreciate the little things away from me. I just think that’s really neat.

Thank you photography, I love you photography.

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