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You wake up in chains in a room you’ve never seen, the last memory you have being of AI taking over. There is a soft Catholic church song being played in the back, so close that it sounds real, yet so distant in the echoes. The radio in the corner of the room is playing something, a message, but it never quite gets through. The bell tells you your time is running out.

I got a little bit eager with this one and skewed the rules a bit (not really, just went above what the directions were!) but here is my Audio Assignment, and here is the prompt,

This media assignment has two parts. First, edit a song to sound like it is playing from another room. The audio should sound muffled and the bass should be prominent. Here is an example of this effect and here is a tutorial on how to do this. The second part of this assignment is to write a weirdly specific description of your song. Here is an example of a description.

No one said I didn’t have to add more sounds . . . but I had so much fun with the other Audio Assignments and adding sound to add eerie vibes that I had to again! And this one I put a lot in, so here’s my walkthrough using Freesound, as always..

I used this Catholic church folk song that I found, because it already sounded a little faded and I thought I could make it eerie. I put this in Audacity, and instead of using the tutorial that the assignment had, I went in search of my own, because this one wasn’t on Audacity. I found this tutorial on YouTube, which just had me mess with the Low-Pass Filter. After that, I also played with the bass a little bit and then lowered the volume on it.

In the background, I also added a very soft wind sound. It’s barely noticeable, and mostly just adds white noise, but I think it’s nice and makes it feel heavier. I also put this in the Low-Pass Filter to make it sound distant.

Now, starting from the beginning, the first sound we hear outside of the song and wind is some synthy morse that is probably gibberish (but if it actually says something, pretend it doesn’t . . . or that it does, I guess!) I liked the different radio-like sounds this had, and I imagine in the room, there is a radio somewhere that is playing this.

The next sound is the slight rustle of chains. I imagine this is the protagonist realizing that they’re chained up!

Following this is just another muffled message from the radio. It’s incoherent, and over before you even realized it started.

Next is some knocking, that I added just to make it a little more creepy. This sound also got put through the Low-Pass Filter to make it muffled and distant, as I imagined it in a different room, like the protagonist is hearing it through the walls.

Directly after the knocking is some more morse code, yet this one actually has a message. It says “peace and love” which feels so eerie in this environment. I imagine this message is coming from AI, almost in a snarky, sarcastic way . . . reminds me of a certain AI I know . . .

And again, more knocking. This one is louder, more intense, more threatening. It’s beginning to get a little bit scarier, and you feel a lot more uneasy than before.

Following the knocking is the sound of chains rustling against something or dragging against something, and this sound was also put through the Low-Pass Filter. I wanted to set in the idea that there were more, that this wasn’t the only person, but also, this sound has a creepy feel, like it’s coming from the people (AI?) that put the protagonist here.

As soon as the chains are quiet again, there is a very soft sound of a clock ticking. It’s here to symbolize that your time is running out, that this is the end. It builds tension with each soft tick, despite the sound not changing in any way . . . until . . .

The clock is chiming. It’s time. Time’s up, that’s it. And as the clock chimes, as you realize you ran out of time, there is a synthy noise that starts getting louder and louder and more and more intense. The wind starts getting louder and heavier, still muffled slightly from the distance. All the while, you can still hear the clock ticking, and you can still hear the sound of the song, but it’s getting drained out by the synth and the wind, until there’s nothing else.

I think it’s pretty cool, if you ask me. THIS IS FUN!!! Sorry for everything I said about audio engineering, I take it all back, all I needed was a good night’s sleep and some motivation and BAM here we are.

I’d like to say that this is slightly inspired by a teaser for a song by the KPOP group ATEEZ (thank you ateez i love you ateez). They did this teaser live and out of nowhere with no context at all, and it was just creepy and weird and all the sounds were random and then there was suddenly morse code. While this teaser also pairs visuals to paint the scene, when you look at the unchanging scene for 30 minutes, you start focusing more on the audio. I tried to take a similar approach that just made this seem so weird and creepy. There’s also a bell that plays in the teaser, and I wanted to find a bell to fit for mine too, but none of the audios clicked well for me. The clock was the next best option!

But yeah! I hope this was cool! I also hope I helped some people with the assignment with the link to an Audacity tutorial!

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  1. This is awesome. You really thought about a story behind having music played from another room. I know I have a lot of fun layering sounds in Audacity. I also thank you for finding tutorials for me to use.

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