Ravioli Radio is Real – Week 9 Summary – 3/15-3/22

I wanna start this off by saying that I just did a round of commenting on a bunch of posts and seeing other groups’s progress and it made me so happy I could cry. Everyone seems to be having a good time and working well and smoothly, and so is my group, and it’s just so nice!! Group projects are usually miserable, but this one isn’t!

But, enough about that, let’s talk about my week.

My anthem for this week was Electric Blue by Easha, which I wanted to add, mostly because I listened to this on repeat all week long while doing my work (stats.fm says I’ve listened to it 38 times this week (also also, this is a fun thing to add that I want to start adding to my weekly summaries because I listen to most of my music when I’m working for this class).


Radio Show Update

I updated about my group’s radio here, and wrote a whole ton because I was so happy. I still am! I’m really happy to have my group, they’re all very passionate about what we’re doing and coming up with something good. They’re also all willing to hear feedback and come up with ideas together. We have a great team dynamic!

I anticipate we might finish early, to be honest, but I’m still really excited to see our final product.

Radio Show Design

I came up with a very simple, ironically bubbly logo in Canva for our radio. The team really liked it, so I feel bubbly myself.

I also saw the other poster designs my group made for the radio and it’s so fun seeing all of our ideas come together and have a physical design. I love this team <3

Audio Assignments

The first Audio Assignment I did was a Radio Bumper for our show, where I convinced Dr. Oblivion to sound enthusiastic for the first time in his AI life. This was easy peasy, just patched some stuff together using free sound and Dr. Oblivion and Audacity.

Interestingly enough, when I sent it to our Discord, one of my group members asked (for their own bumper) if we were supposed to say ds106radio or Ravioli Radio and my heart fell out of my chest. I thought I misread an assignment AGAIN but it turns out, you can do either, so that’s great!

The next Audio Assignment I did was a Radio Commercial for sketchy, free mopeds from an unknown source. We already have enough commercials, so this one may not be used, but my groupmates said that there was no limit, so it might actually be thrown in! This was fun, I used an AI voice and Audacity and more free sound. Pretty simple again, but I love the voice, it’s so funny to me.

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates this week might have been my favorite of the ones we’ve had in previous weeks. These ones really made me think and also allowed me to write, which is something I love to do. Reading about endangered languages was also so interesting and sad to me, but it was very inspiring finding the poem I did in the endangered language I found. Regardless, really fun! My brain was opened!

This week was great, I felt really, really happy. I’m so excited to see more radio progress next week, this is just so so fun. Thanks for a good week, team!! 🙂

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