Ravioli Radio’s Debut Coming Soon – Radio Update

I’m having the time of my life with my radio group.

We are all really dividing the work pretty evenly, which is great because I was terrified of having to do everything in a group. There’s 5 of us, so sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough, but we are all setting deadlines for each other and working together really well!

As for progress, we met up on Thursday through Zoom and spent around an hour brainstorming and working on the script through a shared Google Doc. It’s roughly done, we just need to organize it a bit and add some details. It probably won’t be too much of a hassle.

We are mostly all using text to speech voices, or AI voices, and we’ve written out what we want our characters saying. We plan to have all of our audios put in the doc by Tuesday-ish. Essentially, the plot is that all of our characters are being interviewed in a group interview by Dr. Ravioli with a live audience, so we get to interact with one another and the radio host (Rav) and the audience! Super fun!!

We also plan to divide the actual putting together of the radio show up. The show is split into parts, so someone will patch together all of that part, another the next, and then someone will be pasting all of the parts together! And we’re all willing to tweak or help each other out wherever needed.

We have also all completed the radio bumpers and commercials needed, as well as finding background music and the intro/outro and things like that. We’ve put a lot of work into it in such little time, I’m impressed!

I’m really happy to be working with these guys, they’re all really nice and meeting through Zoom was really nice to put faces to names (although they couldn’t see my face because my computer doesn’t have a camera . . . so I’m just a name to them still . . . my bad). I’m super excited to see the final result and share it with everyone!!

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