Video Storytelling – Week 5 Summary 2/9-2/16

FINALLY GOT TO THIS and I am going to speedrun this because I’m running out of time.

There weren’t a lot of assignments this week, and they weren’t anything I was 100% unfamilar with, yet I still waited until the last minute. It did go well, though! Sort of . . . like, mostly well, I think. Just a little frustration, but a lot of trial and error and learning about editing!

Instead of separating this by day like usual, I’m just going to discuss my assignments!

I did 2 Daily Creates this week.

Here is the link to the first one! There really is not a story for this, I was just told to make a little story or interpretion of this Captain flying a plane’s expression. I decided . . . he crossed the Bremuda Triangle safely!!! I, too, would feel pretty proud and content about that feat, which is what I saw his expression as.

Here is the link to the second one! I was prompted to discuss my favorite style of poems and I chose free verse simply because there are no rules. My biggest frustration to poetry is all the rules, which is great to read, but miserable to write, in my opinion. So, free verse allows me to just . . . write! Perfect!! No rules!

So, I made a short little poem about how I am filled with 300 mg of caffeine and yet I’m still tired because I am a cog in the machine and a workaholic and all I do is work. It’s coded in my brain, I just can’t stop until I’m content and I am never, never content. And, well, captialism will make sure I stay as a cog in the machine until the day I die . . . so I guess I lose (but I actually love working???).

(p.s. about these . . . does anyone know how to embed Mastodon posts? It wouldn’t let me, even with the embed links . . .)

One of the assignments I did this week was revisit my goals at the start of the semester and revise them as get further in the semester. Here is the post (I’ve learned to embed!!)

There’s really no story behind this either, but I think it was nice to see my goals and look back on them. It made me feel like I’ve come a long way already, yet I still had things to revise. I am on track with my goals, but there’s new things I want to explore that I’ve come across throughout the class.

Regardless, I’m feeling good about the class and my work. I hope I can continue to post good work and feel comfortable sharing these things (because some things make me feel really uncomfortable to share, which I don’t really know why. Fear of criticism, maybe . . .) and also feel comfortable viewing other people’s work without trying to compare myself!

We (you and me) are doing great! Just in case anyone needed to hear that.

The big assignment I did this week was my video essay on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here is the post:

I talk about it in the post, but this one was stressful. I actually spent the majority of the day working on this (watching the movie, deciding which scene, taking notes on the scene and rewatching it over and over, recording voice over (3 times), editing, fighting a war with the editing program). I think Microsoft Clipchamp worked fine for what I wanted, but it was difficult not being able to really zoom in on the audio in the view. If anyone’s used it and knows how to do that, please tell me . . . otherwise, I’ll move to OpenShot.

I did try OpenShot, but it didn’t let me import it. Does anyone know if OpenShot only accepts certain file types for importing, because that’s the only thing I can think of that would prevent me from importing.

I’m not sure what else to say about the post outside of what’s in it, just that I do recommend the movie (if you can sit through the majority of the movie with eerie music and eerie images) if you haven’t watched it. It has a sort of ambiguous ending, so I’d be interested in seeing other people’s thoughts and interpretations of the ending, and the movie as a whole!

NEXT WEEK I WILL WORK EARLIER!! Because I’ve seen the amount of Video Assignments I have to do and I am not prepared for that if this one took me as long as it did. Otherwise, that’s my only goal for next week!

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