The Bear – Your Favorite Photo

The prompt I did for my first visual assignment was easy: “It’s simple. Choose your faveourite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much.” So here is my photo.

I took this on campus at UMW behind the psychology building last year back in August, around the first week of classes. I remember what I felt when I took it: I immediately saw the picture in my mind before I even took it. As I crouched down to take the picture, seeing both the destroyed bear and the light pole in the frame, I was instantly transported back to my photojournalism class during my junior year of high school. I remember my teacher teaching the class about rule of thirds, to put the subjects of the pictures on that 1/3 line, as well as to use lines to build dimension and depth. I’m fairly sure I was giggling in excitement while taking the picture, because it was set up like this without me having to even adjust anything.

One thing that’s really special to me about this picture is the backstory on that bear. It was there for a week, then it was gone. It looked dirtier every day, but it was seemingly untouched outside of minor movements. Sometimes it would be laying flat, other times sitting up, sometimes upside down. And the honest through is, I have no idea what the story is. And I think that’s what I like most about it, because in a way, you get to sit and think about it and make your own story for it.

I think it’s also kind of eerie. It’s a child’s toy with it’s face gone, dirty and ragged, alone in the forest, sitting upright. It’s completely out of its element, and that’s what is so special about it. There are just so many questions about it, and yet I have none of the answers, so you get to fill in those answers yourself.

I just think it’s really cool and fascinating when a picture gets you thinking, so I think that’s why it’s my favorite. I just love love love the idea of putting something out there and allowing people to make their own conclusions off of it.

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