Week 10 Daily Creates

Only two TDCs this week!

On Thursday, 3/28, the prompt was:

“Change a Letter, Ruin a Book – some ideas here

So, I opened FireAlpaca (my digital art program!) to patch together The Great Batbsy, a Batman adaptation of The Great Gatsby

This was fun to make!! I had to fiddle a little but I mostly just copied the B in Gatbsy and replaced the G with it, and then fixed the background. I allowed it to be a little messy, because I didn’t want to take a while on it, but it was fun. I also added little bat wings to the sides!

This was fun!! I liked it a lot. I have no idea what a Batman adaptation of The Great Gatsby would look like, and honestly, I’m afraid to see that.

On Friday, 3/29, the prompt was,

What is your least favourite household chore? What is a game you do, or might, pair with the chore to survive the daily grind? E.g. my least favourite chore is washing cutlery (yes, I might get a dishwasher someday), I pair this with a game of pickup sticks.

So, I thought for a while, because I couldn’t really think of anything. Usually, I just suffer through the chores and deal with it, but I did think of something! In my post, I said,

“Folding clothes is sometimes the most miserable thing to do ever . . . so sometimes I decide to see how small I can fold them!! which, I guess makes it take longer, but it makes it a little less miserable”

Which is true!! I do do this!! There’s not a lot to say about it, just that I fold them as teeny tiny as I can. And then unfold them because making them tiny doesn’t help me at all. And then refold them like a normal person.

And double my time doing it all, but at least I had a little fun

That’s it! Not much else to say!

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