Week 8 Daily Creates

No time for fun intros! Here are my Daily Creates!

Wednesday, 3/13‘s prompt was,

The Zazow Mandelbrot Fractal art tool is strange (so, you know, perfectly suited for The Daily Create) and using its various tools and sliders (suggestion: click “advanced mode”) is sure to send you down a rabbit hole of color and fractal-ish design.”

So here‘s what I did! (and here‘s my second comment because I continued playing after I posted already)

Don’t get dizzy (I’m getting dizzy and I’m not even looking at it, it’s just above my text.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this, except that it was really cool to explore!! I said that the third one reminded me of The Great Gatsby, but I couldn’t think of why. My point still stands!

Also, there really isn’t a story for this one, it was fairly simple and just play around with the website.

Thursday, 3/14s prompt was,

Everyone is addicted to something. What is something you could not go one day without and why?

Which, I replied with, “I think the obvious answer is my phone, BUT I think a different answer is my cat! I’ve talked about her before (her name’s Cat if you remember), but I need to just be with here at least once during my day and just cuddle her. It’s like my therapy. She’s getting old now, though . . . but no negativity!! she’s my baby still”

I have this picture of her from an older post that I didn’t attach to the post on Mastodon, but you guys can see it here

oh my baby . . . what would I do without you? She sleeps curled up with me every night, it’s just so hard to imagine being without her!

Because this DC was just text, there really is no story, but just lots of love for my baby baby baby Cat.

Friday, 3/15‘s prompt was,

Put a modern appliance in an old photo or an old painting.

I knew exactly what I had to do.

(open canva)

So, through Canva, I very simply put some airpods in Lincoln’s ears

Why Lincoln? I don’t know, he was the first person to come to mind. Why airpods? Because for some reason, it is really funny to imagine airpods in really old photos. Especially Lincoln having airpods. Like why would he have airpods?

What kind of music would he even listen to today?

Something’s telling me he loves rnb . . . but you just have to trust me.

But yeah! This was easy to make, just grabbed the photo of Lincoln and a photo of airpods on Google, and mashed them together in Canva! Easy peasy, took barely 2 minutes.

Job well done is all I have to say

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