Week 9 Daily Creates

Let’s get into it!

On Wednesday, 3/20, the prompt was,

“Here is a prompt from @MagicRealismBot: ‘A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter ‘C’. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.’ … your challenge is to tweet out what happens next, in words and/or images. What does your mind’s eye say?”

I decided to just let myself write without really thinking about it, so here’s my post,

A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.

“The cafe’s across the street,” the witch says through a puff of smoke.

The hobbit shifts to stand slightly behind and to the left, so that he can see past the witch, but not get too close. “Do you think she’s in there?”

The witch flicks the cigarette to the ground after breathing one more cloud of smoke. “Certainly.”

This was fun! I imagined they were teaming up, but the witch obviously had a lot of power over the hobbit. The hobbit wants to be helpful, but doesn’t want to overstep, in fear of the witch.

Another detail, the “she” that they’re talking about is someone named Cora. I couldn’t fit it because of word count, but it doesn’t really matter! It’s open to interpretation who that is and why they want to see her. I just needed a name with a C.

I tried to use a lot of c’s in this, which was actually kinda fun! I like these Daily Creates where I get to write stuff, it makes me happy.

On Thursday, 3/21, the prompt was,

“World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 March, and was declared by UNESCO in 1999, “with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard”. (Wikipedia) Share an endangered language poem (yes you can make it up, it’s ds106!).”

So, I went into a rabbit hole of endangered languages (this stuff is so interesting yet so sad), and here is my post,

“I found this poem written by Mikeas Sánchez in the language Zoque, from Southern Mexico. This is the English translation:

Somos Millones [We Are Millions]
”Come to my land,
Set up your anhillitaing machines
Tenderness anhilitors,
show us the pain and desperation,
the bullet-holes. We are millions,
and we are not afraid of you”

The history involved building and expanding the roads/buildings when there was no welfare for it. Very inspiring.”

I wanted to share with you guys the actual poem, which I found through an article revolving around endanged languages:

Minä’ äjn’ najsomo,

nijpya’ä mij ntänh’kutyam


Ntä’ isanhdziramä’ te’ toya, te yajxu’ijtkuy,

te’ tujkuyis pyämi’.


jinh’mi’ natztame’”

It’s actually so inspiring, just knowing that this writer wrote this in retailation towards the government, and how the poem is not only about saving the language, but the people. I don’t know, I just think it’s really cool.

On Friday, 3/22, the prompt was

The bicycle is a nature friendly and healthy way of transport. Show us a new design for a bicycle. Tricycles, quacycles are allowed too. What modern features should it have?

So, here was my post,

Have you ever been wandering around on your bicycle and suddenly, there’s a pesky lake in the way?

Well, fear not! With this new design, the water isn’t an obstacle in your path now! Go straight over it with our all-new inflatable wheels, designed to cross over any body of water!

I don’t know why I thought of a bicycle on water, but it was the first thing to come to mind. I wanted the post to also sound like a commercial (maybe because I’m inspired from the radio commercials we’re making).

I ended up using an AI image generator called Deep AI, to my own disappointment, and the Fantasy World Generator with just the simple prompt of, “riding bicycle on water” for this. I generated a lot of different options, feeling uneasy the entire time, but I think this one is pretty. I’m just afraid it’s stealing an art style from someone. But, I’m not using it for profit, so I guess it’s maybe okay. Still don’t like it, though.

That’s all the Daily Creates from this week! I hope you guys liked them, I think these were really eye opening for me and fun! Got my brain working

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