Weekly Summary 1/16-1/19

So the first week of classes finally comes to an end.

It was okay. Snow kind of made this week feel really weird and all over the place.

For ds106, I chose to wait until the last minute to do my work. I didn’t really mean to, I got busy with work and the rest of my classes, and put it off until now. I definitely don’t want to repeat that, and I’d like to work on my week’s work on other days besides Thursday night and Friday before work, because eventually I’ll just stress myself out so much.

I had a little difficulty working on my website: I couldn’t update it?? I spent around 30 minutes trying, because the link that was supposed to take me to the edit page just would not work. I was in the process of writing an email to ask for help when it suddenly started working, though, and here I am!

I decided to call it Sunrisen, because I am fascinated by the sun and everything related to it. Sunny is actually one of my nicknames!! The idea of Sunrisen is that, just as the sun rises, I am risen by the sun, I am motivated by the sun, and it is my drive. I went with a warm layout, one that I thought fit me, and I ended up making a little icon/logo in Procreate for it (originally I was gonna take something from Google, but I decided art theft was not what I was going to go for):

It’s very simple, something that took 5 minutes because I was a little lazy, but I’d like to revamp it and make a better one sometime 🙂

I started with my goals as a post, because I think that’s always a good start. I didn’t really have a lot of trouble with that, I already knew my goals walking into the class. I hope by the end of the semester, I can return to that post and see how far I’ve come

Instead of staying up late to watch my AI movie, I ended up watching it the next day, today. I posted my film review. The movie was okay, I had a nice time just chilling and watching it and thinking about how it made me feel about AI. I mentioned in the review that I wish I had chosen something that highlighted the pros of AI, because this one had shown mostly flaws and how AI could go really, really, badly. I already have a weird and uncomfortable opinion about AI, it irks me, so I wish I watched something that would make me feel a lot better about it.

The hardest thing this week was trying to set up my domain and edit it. When it wasn’t working, I was getting so mad and frustrated, not understanding why it wasn’t working. It drove me crazy, how was I supposed to do anything if I couldn’t even get to where I could post a page? Very grateful it actually started working in the end, or else I think I would’ve slammed my head into my desk.

The easiest was probably formulating my response to what I was doing. I feel like I’m able to articulate what I want to say and use my own voice instead of trying to speak super professionally, because this is a blog! And it’s my blog! I think I could yap yap yap yap yap and no one would bat an eye, which is GREAT. I love yapping. But jokes and goofs aside, I really enjoy that, because it’s so much less stressful and I feel like I can truly make this blog my own.

I’d say this first week went fine. I’m excited to see what we’ll be up next week, what I can yap about next week 🙂

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