Audio – Week 4 Summary – 2/2-2/9

That time of week! Can’t believe I made it here, did not expect that at all. MAN do I deserve a good nap after this

I’m currently writing a draft of this at 12:03 am on Friday . . . I still have one Daily Create to do, but it won’t come out until 5 AM (boooooo), but otherwise, I’m finished before Friday ends! Mostly because I will be gone all day Friday and knew I wouldn’t have time.

I also realized that people write such smaller blog posts than me . . . but in my defense, I have a lot to say all the time and I want to walk people through every step! (but for real, tell me if i need to shut up)

So here’s Week 4!

(For the sake of not having to embed all my audios, I’m just going to link the posts and you can click on them to find the audio embedded there!)

Saturday and Sunday and Monday were doozies . . . I played Lethal Company instead of doing work! ACTUALLY Monday I did some commenting.

On Tuesday, we got some work done! Sort of . . . I listened to the ds106radio session in the evening and did some more commenting and browsing the blogs of others, but I didn’t make any posts yet. I also watched the videos from Radiolabโ€™s Jad Abumrad and was very pleased to about how audio creates a story! We’ll get into in a second.

On Wednesday, I started off with a Daily Create. The task was to make an image of a plane with a banner in the sky say a message, and I thought about being snarky (my inner Dr. Oblivion is coming out) and made this.

Made you look ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is my post on Mastodon!

I also finished up my reflection on the ds106radio segment. This post was a lot of me going “oh my god this is so cool i love little things wow” and also having my eyes really opened! Unfortunately, now every video I watch or every song I listen to, I’m listening for sounds in the back and trying to see what all is there . . . I’m overanalyzing things now!!

I also made my ds106radio bumper. This was like fighting a war. I’ve never wanted to slam my head into a table over an assignment more than this once, mostly because I just wasn’t happy with myself. I hated what I made and I couldn’t figure out how to make it better. BUT some nice people gave me some suggestions in the comments about seeking out the DKC (which I did not do . . . but that’s okay) and also relating to my struggle, so I gladly wasn’t alone!

Naturally, I was not excited for the rest of the audio assignments . . . little did I know that I was about to have the best time of my life the next day!

I also did some commenting, of course.

On Thursday, I gave myself the heaviest workload and a dream. Lucky for me, my first class was canceled, so I had more time to do some work.

I spent my morning starting off with the Daily Create, which I made up a little story about the opening that the Daily Create tasked me with finding the entrance to! I decided that there weren’t any known openings, and they were destroyed. This is a dystopia! The one opening, the last opening, leads to dark tunnels . . . what stories are in there? spookyyyy

I also listened to “Moon Graffiti” and posted my reflection. This was a lot of repetition from what I had said in my ds106radio reflection, just that I loved picking up little things that painted the bigger picture. My favorite thing was how the audio was portrayed outside of the astronauts’s heads, until suddenly, Buzz was so anxious and we were in his head. We could hear the buzzing (no pun intended) in his head, the white noise getting louder, the intensity. The way they were able to portray that stress, portray that switch into his head, all through audio so quickly . . . I felt it! It was really cool.

The next thing I did was my Sound Effect story, which I made about Sol! I used a lot of audios using Freesound, which I used all week, to build a soft ambience and environment. I portrayed them painting, as they do, with some soft piano in the back. It was actually really fun to make! This began my arc of actually enjoying audio engineering . . . life was good again.

I followed this assignment with another Audio Assignment, which I made a BREAKING NEWS audio segment using an AI voice and some news jingles I found to explain to the world that IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS!! Just because I wanted it to be a little ridiculous! This one wasn’t too difficult.

Next Audio Assignment was to make a spooky audio, which I did just as such. This was sooooo fun. As someone who enjoys horror games (but not really anything else horror), I know just how important audio is to set a scene. I used a lot of little things to set this scene, to provide depth and texture and that fear emotion. I focused on allowing the sounds to communicate with each other rather than communicating apart, and I think that’s what made this so successful for me.

For my last Audio Assignment, I created an audio with a song that sounded like it was playing from another room, and this one I had the time of my life with. I spent way too long on it, but it was worth it because I think it’s so cool. Again, what I learned is to have the audios communicate with each other. Don’t allow one to overpower another unless it is necessary or you need to draw attention to it. Let the audios coexist.

I built a creepy scene when I wasn’t asked because I wanted to build on the story that the second half of the assignment asked for. I put a lot of audios in here. Throughout all of these assignments, I kept a notepad open with all of the sounds and their links so that I wouldn’t lose them! It was really important to me to give credit where credit was due, even if it was the tiniest sound. Here’s my messy notepad to help me keep track of the audios!

My last assignment of the day was my brainstorming assignment for the radio show. There’s really nothing to say about this, just that I’ve had this idea in my head since I saw the assignments of the week, and I’m excited to see if anyone else is down . . . or if they want something else.

On Friday, at 12 AM, I started this! And that’s all I’ve done. On my agenda is the final Daily Create, but I can’t get to that until at least 5 AM and I will be snoozing then . . . so when I get home, hopefully, we’ll get to that! here comes a timeskip

Finally, I did my last Daily Create, in which I messed with to make some pretty disasters! Here’s what I came up with!

It started out as some little angel wings, moving through whatever it was, but then I started trying out all of the different styles and having fun. I liked the ripple ones and played with that a little bit. There is no method to my madness, just some messes for fun!

To conclude this week, it went fine! I was stressed, but I survived and I actually feel really good and proud of myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Very excited for next week!

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  1. You are a star blogger in ds106. There’s no need to lower your standards. What you are doing is exactly right. You are showing how hard you are working and how much you are learning from it. And that’s what makes the course worthwhile.

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