Radio’s Complete!! – Week 10 Summary – 3/22-3/29

What a week! I’m so happy for how far we’ve all come!

This wasn’t a super heavy week, post-wise, at least, but here’s a brief summary of my week.

Oh, wait, here’s my song of the week, too!

It should be criminal how short this song is……

Daily Creates

These were fun and easy peasy! I love the ones where I get to open art programs and put stuff together and fiddle with things. It’s so fun to me, really revives the creative kid inside that was brutally murdered to focus on school. They’re back!!

Radio Update 2

Making these updates is always so fun to me, so this was nice to make. It makes me realize how far we’ve come and just how the process has been. It’s very comforting, actually!! It also makes me know how much work we put into it, so that we should be proud of it, and I am proud of the radio and of my group 🙂


The radio itself! Done!! Complete!!!!

I love this so much, I actually don’t remember the last time I had so much fun in a group project. Group projects are supposed to be miserable, that’s how they always have been, but this was FUN?? I think I was blessed with the most fun and creative group members, and I really could not have done it all without them!

Communication was amazing. Everyone contributed, everyone worked hard, and I just feel very warm to have done all of this with them. So, huge thank you to my group for creating this with me. I’m very happy to have done all of this with you guys!! We created something great!!

I talked about the process before in the post and the process post, so I’ll save you that story again. Just know that I’m very happy with our hard work.

I have no idea what we’ll be up to next week, after doing all of this, so I am kind of nervous! But I guess I’ll see where this all goes.

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