The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

Today, I read the Techno-Optimist Manifesto and it really took me by surprise. It entirely contrasted my views on AI, and completely contrasted the film I watched last week about AI. It made me think a little bit.

The Manifesto is optimistic of AI. It implies using technology to build our near-utopia future. It also explains how we have always used technology to advance, as well as advanced technology, and that this is no difference.

My own personal thought is that I’m still scared of AI. I’m looking at it through the corner of my eye, giving it a little bit of a stink eye. I feel like the Manifesto didn’t touch on the environmental costs of this kind of technology. How are we supposed to save our world using technology that kills our world? Poor people will be put in place to gather the materials to create the technology, and they won’t even get access to the technology. The Manifesto was just too good to be true. It didn’t feel universal. Someone is going to suffer through the technology.

I reflected my concern about the environment to Dr. Oblivion and this is how he responded:

I don’t like this guy.

He seems sarcastic!! I’m asking real questions, not complaining!

I decided to ask a different question, asking about Dr. Oblivion’s thoughts on the ethical concerns with the technology, and here’s how he replied:

I’m glad he agreed with me on this and also felt the concern, asking the the Manifesto addresses these concerns and yearns for fairness in the retrieval of the materials. However, I’m still not convinced that it would work. I’m not sure if these thoughts would even change anything, and that’s what upsets me. It’s not at all fair, it’s inhumane.

Finally, I asked Dr. Oblivion’s thoughts on the Manifesto itself, without asking anything else, and this was his response:

(Dr. Oblivion saying “asterisk sigh asterisk” is very funny to me.)

I like how he is interested in it but cautious. He said to take it with a grain of salt, be cautious of it, and take note of “with great power comes great responsibility.” Maybe me and Dr. Oblivion will be getting along then.

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