Differing AI Views – Video Project

This week, I interviewed my family and friends about their views on AI to get a sense of the differing views of this new future that’s upon us.

It was really interesting hearing these different views. It was also really hard to hold back my own thoughts, but I did, because I wanted this to be unbiased and not about me.

I put my plans in this post last week, and I wish people would comment on my posts more and tell me if I’m being overambitious, because I think I could’ve saved myself a lot of stress if someone just said, “hey, relax . . . you don’t have to do so much.” I used to get a lot of comments! I guess now I’m just sad that I only get around one or two a week.

Okay, no more negativity. I split my interviews up throughout the week due to time. I interviewed my brother, Bryce, on Saturday, my dad, Brian, on Sunday, my friend, Lorelei, on Tuesday, and my sister, BayLee, on Thursday. I had different people intended to interview, but had to drop them due to complications of their own time. It originally was not going to be mostly my family, but I had to work with what I had.

Interesting thing, my brother, Bryce, is getting married today! So that’s in my later plans for the day!

After recording, I ended up putting everything together Thursday night and Friday morning. I planned to edit this together on my computer, but then I couldn’t send the recordings from my phone to my computer, and it took literally 4 hours to send 3 of the videos to my Google Drive, and I just gave up and thought it’d be better to do it on my phone through iMovie. So I did.

Editing was fun! I have fun cropping out all the “ums,” and it was so nice watching the minutes go from like 36 minutes to 20. If I had to upload a 36 minute video, I really think I would explode into a million pieces. Editing was actually also easy. It’s not like I usually do this, or have experience with it, but I understood it. iMovie was relatively easy. Until it wasn’t.

Exporting. Never again. Never. First it said export failed, then it said I had no storage, and then . . . I deleted all of my storage AND IT WORKED!! I EXPORTED IT!! I have never been happier, oh my god this was a mess.

Overall . . . this was fun! And stressful! But, I’m just happy to have it done.

3 thoughts on “Differing AI Views – Video Project

  1. I appreciate ambitious projects. I think they have a built-in advantage in that the attempt itself is impressive, and if enough goes right it will overshadow anything that doesn’t work out, The project here shows organization, planning, and editing, and does a good job of weaving multiple voices together. And that’s on top of triumphing over technology.

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