Finally Done – Week 14 Summary – 4/10-4/26

We’ve done it!! We’re at the end!!

I’m going to speedrun through this so I can get to working on some final papers I have . . . so, here is my song of the week!

Need this song injected into my head so that I hear it every second of every day.

Final Project Update

I ended up making my project update on Tuesday, I think, as I ended up getting a lot of work done that night that I wasn’t anticipating doing. There’s not really a lot to say about this, just that I was really happy to have gotten so much done so soon, and my group had also gotten most of their work done as well! We were doing great!!

Final Project

And the final project!

I talk about it much more in the actual post, but I was very pleased with this. I used so much of what I learned to do my parts in this, and my groupmates did an amazing job as well, and we really made something really cool!!

I’m grateful to have finished this in the time that I did. I was nervous that I’d be really late with mine due to having the flu last week, but I managed! And it’s not even 4 pm on Friday and we’re done, so I get to call it a day early. I’m so happy about that.

Very happy with my results, and I hope you all are too!

Overall, this week was fun!! I didn’t think I had much difficulty with my parts in the projects, and I was able to create good and interesting parts for our AI uprising video using what I have learned throughout the semester. I’m very grateful!!

I fear this may be my final weekly summary, or maybe there is one next week, so this is a little sad . . . but I’m grateful for all that I have learned!! 🙂

One thought on “Finally Done – Week 14 Summary – 4/10-4/26

  1. Your final video came out so well! Nice to see that the Ravioli squad worked together again. I feel like the majority of the class did individual things, so this gives everyone a good perspective of how you guys adapted to group work on your second go, and create an even better project than your radio show.

    Also side note I love Ateez, Halazia is one of my favorite songs from them and they killed it at Coachella!! I’m hoping to get tickets for their show in DC this summer with some friends, hopefully they don’t get too expensive tho 🙁

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