The Flu – Week 13 Summary – 4/12-4/19

Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt this week. I woke up Sunday sick because my sister was sick (and then my brother and then my sister in law and then my sister’s boyfriend and then my grandma and then my grandpa . . . like it never stopped it was a terrible domino effect of people getting sick) and so I had to cancel work, and then it just kept getting worse and worse . . . I have been in bed literally all week and that’s all I’ve done. I’ve missed all of my classes and this is so unlike me but guess whaaaaat my whole family has the flu!

The flu is not fun . . . I’ve felt miserable and half alive this entire week. So, because of that, there really is nothing to say during this weekly summary. There isn’t even a song for the week because I didn’t play music once, I just rotted in my bed and watched Impractical Jokers and drank water until I exploded.

But, here is my progress update for the final project!

I talked about it in the post, but I plan to be working on my parts of project this weekend, as I’m now finally feeling better and less dead! As for where we’re going, I’m excited to be working on this with my group. We all have some cool ideas and I’m excited to see what it all looks like put together.

Otherwise, that’s all for my weekly summary, because I really didn’t do much this week outside of getting on our document and adding like a sentence every other day and apologizing in the group chat for being ill (they understand and sympathize, so I’m not beat up over it)

Thank you for tuning in!

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