Lots of Progress Made – Final Project Update

Today I spat out a lot of work, surprisingly to me. Mostly, what I have done is create fake TikTok-like videos about the AI uprising, one positive and one negative, and then I used ChatGPT to help me spit out some serious and some goofy fake headlines. Tomorrow, I plan to use those headlines to create fake screenshots of the headlines.

My group has also gotten a lot done. We all have our to-do lists in the document, and it looks like the majority of us are pretty done with it outside of editing it all together. We also organzied how we want to put it all together, and I made a little checklist for what we have and don’t have for certain parts of the project, and the majority of it looks done! Honestly, it really looks like I’m the only one still with stuff to do outside of editing!

Tomorrow’s plan is to make the fake screenshots of the headlines, and then I want to do some more poster-making to create awareness posters or propaganda posters about the AI uprising to include in the project. Then, I think I will be done with my individual things, and I believe that means we should be able to start editing everything together on Thursday, which me and Sarah plan to do.

Overall, it’s looking good!! Very excited to see it all together!

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