Passion, Young, Fever

The time has come where we wrap it all up and conclude this season. The finale, the end, or even the beginning?

I titled this last post “passion, young, fever” as it comes from my one of my favorite songs from my favorite band, ATEEZ, which I will embed here:

The lyrics talk about being thankful for your youth that prepared you for your future, and using your experiences and what you’ve learned to move forward and to let go of the pressures of life. It’s very special to me, and I bring it all together here because I think that is what ds106 has taught me: the passion of my peers and myself, the work we put into this, and how it’ll lead to a new chapter for me outside of my youth. I’m 20 years old taking this course and writing this, I still have so many years ahead of me, and I’ll use what I’ve learned here further on.

I talked about this in my video, which I will embed here,

but this is why Aggressive Technologies could use ds106! This is why the world could use ds106! Ds106 taught me passion, ds106 taught me creativity, ds106 taught me time management and gave me stress that made me want to rip my hair out and explode . . . but it helped me push forward.

I saw and read so many experiences throughout this class about people’s stress, but how they overcame it, and it is so heartwarming. I’m really proud of everyone in this class for what they have done, what they have created, and how they have succeeded.

I’m an optimist, but I think everyone in this class is going to go far. There are so many ideas that were brewed within this class, and often times, I really felt like I was one of the least creative people in this class, because everyone was just coming up with stuff that were beautiful and amazing and that I could have never thought of!

There is so much individuality within us all. We all are coming from different places, different lives, different stories, and maybe that’s the story we tell without needing to directly speak our experiences. We speak our stories through our ideas, through our creativity, through these projects. We speak our stories through our passion.

It goes beyond Aggressive Technologies, beyond AI, beyond our course characters, beyond ds106. Past this class, we will be living our lives and still be telling our stories. Each text we send is a digital story, each post we make is a digital story, and it goes beyond digitally, too!

Humans are just . . . really, really cool. Maybe this is coming from being a psychology major, but it is just so beautiful seeing how different our brains are, how individual everyone is. It makes me feel a lot better.

So, to finally stop rambling, I just want to thank everyone in this class for their hard work. I’m proud of you, if that means anything, and I wish you well in your lives. Additional thanks to anyone who commented on my works, you motivated me to continue instead of slamming my head into my desk or exploding. Many, many thanks to my groupmates through the group projects, for helping me with time management and producing beautiful ideas from within, and hearing me out on my own crazy ideas.

You all are great and amazing!!

So, this is Destiny and Sol signing out, but everyone take care of yourselves! <3

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