The Uprising of AI – Progress Update

Hey everyone!! It feels really weird only having one post this week outside of the weekly summary, but here we are!

This week, I’ve gotten in a group with Greta, Sarah, Leila, and Sol for the final project. We’re going to be creating a sort of compliation of breaking news and sources that are telling the chaos of an AI uprising. It’s really interesting!!

As of right now, we have a document and a group chat that we’ve been talking in. We’ve laid out our plans and ideas, and we all put down what we individually can do. For me, I’m planning on creating some AI propaganda posters, make little info TikTok videos about what’s going on, and create a bunch of headlines that we can use. I’ll probably end up doing some more, but I haven’t had time to work this week for reasons that I will get into during the Weekly Summary. Everyone else also has created lists of what they plan to do, so we are all organized and planned out that way, we just have to get some work done.

Sarah offered to edit it all together, but I thought it’d be nice if I helped edit it together, too, like her and I did for the audio project. Thursday is the day we want to have everything done so we can edit it together then. This weekend, I plan to work on my part.

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