eSims for Gaza – Charity Ad

For my final prompt in the Assignment Bank, I chose to make a charity ad. The prompt was, “Create an ad to inform people about a charity and encourage them to donate. It can be a real charity or you can make one up!” Here is my ad.

I chose something that is very important to me right now: ending the genocide of Palestinians. I made this in Canva with the intention of spreading awareness. The watermelon represents the Palestine flag.

I’m not going to apologize for bringing politics into this when 26,083 Palestinians (majority children and women) have been murdered for their existence. Gaza has lost access to phone service and Internet. People’s stories can’t be told, people can’t connect to their families.

I don’t think it matters what side you’re on, if you have the opportunity to donate a few dollars for eSims for those in Gaza to connect with their family and allow journalists to continue to inform the world of what’s going on, please donate.

There is always more we can do. I’m attaching more links to send help:

eSims for Gaza – purchase eSims for Gazans without Internet

GoFundMe – sends money to CareForGaza, which helps displaced Gazan families

Pious Projects – help provide hygine kits for women in Gaza

Click to Help – one daily click helps a donation be sent to Palestine

There’s so much more than what I’ve listed, so I encourage you to go out and find different ways to help.

Thank you for listening.

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