Sol is an AI Hater

I don’t blame them.

Sol did view this poster about “The Only Thing Better Than AI is Aggressive Technologies,” which they immediately rolled their eyes to. Of course, Aggressive Technologies is trying to one up their own source of money. Sol thought that it really felt like Aggressive Technologies would be the future, and not a good one. Aggressive Technologies seemed egotistical, powerful, and only searching for more power. Sol is not a fan.

Sol felt a little iffy on this use of AI for surveillance. Without a lot of context, they thought this may be really good and can protect people. However, they did start thinking, “how does the AI decide who is good and who is bad?” and “how does the AI determine if a familar face is safe?” They think they would need to do some more research on this to really understand, but they also think that this does not really even apply to them, so why should they even care?

Sol thinks that there are some good things related to AI, however. They heard the PSA about Dr. Ravioli (who they will admit that they are a big fan of) and Dr. Ravioli’s new AI moped, and they were thinking . . . huh, maybe AI can be a little harmless! They are considering that this is something that could be useful for AI, but they would prefer if this was the norm, not AI taking jobs.

Sol was a big fan of this one! Obviously an artist is going to applaud a PSA about art and how Aggressive Technologies can be a threat to that! They were nodding over and over watching this one.

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