Left in the Stone Age – Propaganda

I’ve designed some propaganda for Aggressive Technologies that I imagine they would post to all the walls around a city to get everyone to see it.

The phrase itself comes from what Dr. Oblivion offered in the intro video for this week, and I really liked how the threat here was that technology will continue to advance with or without you, and if you don’t join, you will be left behind, and the behind will eventually become the future’s “stone age.” It’s kind of scary!

I put together a Pinterest board filled with propaganda posters, mostly Soviet and Communism-related ones because I liked the colors and use of empty space, for inspiration for this. I kind of just pick and grabbed some ideas, but also went with my own thing! And I made this through Canva, of course.

I wanted it to feel old, yet new at the same time, so I put a lot of textures overtop to make it have that older feel, but I kept the text bold so that the message was new and very clear. Overall, this was fun to play around with and fiddle with.

Sol’s thoughts? They’re a hater. Like I said, I imagine this poster is pasted all over cities and its inescapable, and I’m sure every time Sol sees it, they want to slam their head into a wall. Join Aggressive Technologies? No. Be left in the Stone Age? What even is the stone age?

I’d imagine that Sol ignores the poster and all the other posters before it drives them mad, focusing instead on their own paintings and storytelling. I’d also imagine that this isn’t the last straw, but it’s nearing it. Sol definitely does not trust Aggressive Technologies, but they’re being wary and keeping their distance mostly right now.

5 thoughts on “Left in the Stone Age – Propaganda

  1. This looks like an actual vintage propaganda poster! I love the effect that the textures had and the simple but haunting message would definitely stick with me.

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