Week 7 Daily Creates

Here is my list of Daily Creates from this week!

Wednesday, 2/28’s Daily Create asked,

Share a picture, or photo, that conveys something pure. This could be a  person, an object, or a moment.

So I answered with the very obvious answer of my cat!

Her name is Cat, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about her. She’s the purest thing I can think of, an actual blessing from above. Looking at her just makes me so happy. She’s my baby (she’s 12)!

Thursday, 2/29’s Daily Create said,

Generate your own Net Art based on a keyword search. But is it art? Share it out anyway …. and tell us what your keyword search term was. We’re a curious tribe.”

So, I did just that! I decided to put in the prompt “cat running for president” because I had a sudden visual in my head of a cat behind the presidental pedestal with a paw in the air greeting the audience, or saying something really powerful. Here’s what Net Art gave me.

It’s really just an amalgamation of images (I believe 8 different images) answering the prompt. It definitely didn’t give me what I imagined it to, but I didn’t ask for that specifically. Despite it, I think it’s very cool! I would not be voting for this cat, though . . . something about those eyes . . .

Friday, 3/1’s Daily Create was,

The Chrome Music Lab lets users experiment with different oscillators (square, sawtooth, triangle, and sine). Play around with the different oscillators by dragging your finger/mouse up and down each oscillator to change the its frequency. What are they saying or singing? Tell us, show us, or perhaps record a conversation/duet with your favorite oscillator.

This one was a lot of fun with, and each time I played with the little guys, it seemed like they were so excited. So I decided to answer with that, just explaining what they were doing in my post.

I decided these little guys were singing the song of their people, and if you see how excited they are, it’s because they never get the chance to sing this for new people! They’re eager for people to hear their song and know it! I mean, if I only had limited chances to sing my song to others, I’d be excited to sing it whenever possible!

Overall, very fun Daily Creates this week. I didn’t get a whole bunch of thoughts into them, but it did open my eyes and wake me up a little, getting me ready for the work I was going to do.

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