In the Dumps – Week 11 Summary – 3/29-4/5

What a week . . . I am so stressed as I think about my work load, losing scheduling for my job (I work with families directly so they have the power over my schedule and they are taking a break because of stress and moving so basically I’m not working), and this week was miserable for me emotionally from my own personal stuff, but you know what’s good! My brother’s getting married next week!!

Which just made me realize, I will need to get stuff done even sooner because of that . . . all nighters might be pulled . . . anticipate me complaining about stress and sleepiness in my posts next week.

Here is the song of the week (it makes me sad and I was sad so it fits)

But, here’s what happened in ds106 this week for me:

Daily Creates

Not much to talk about with these. I hope the hug thing would help some people feel better. If I could give you guys hugs, I would!!

Regardless, the last DC of the week, making a trading card for my cat, was my favorite. She’s so cute and it was so fun creating traits for her.

Radio Listening

I realized I should’ve made this post immediately after I listened, because I forgot a lot of what actually happened by leaving it until Friday, but it still works.

It was really nice listening to other shows. I wish I was able to make it to the other days, but maybe one of these days I’ll go in and listen on my own.

On that note, I’m excited to see the Video projects people are working on! I saw (and commented on) a lot of ideas and plans, and it seems everyone’s doing their own fun things, so I’m excited to see how they turn out.

Video Plan

I talk about it a lot more in the post, but I was so stressed about this. For the entire week, I had this on the back of my mind, not sure what I wanted to make, but I finally ended up with an idea!! I’m going to interview people around me to hear different thoughts on AI! They’ve already started answering my texts about scheduling it, but I haven’t checked them yet.

I’m really excited for this. I did Yearbook in high school, so interviewing people is no biggie to me, so I’m excited to rebirth the yearbook kiddo in me.

But that was my week!

I plan to schedule my week next week as soon as I get times for the interviews. I think writing down my schedule and following it will make me feel much less stressed.

Good luck everyone!!

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