Powerful and Moving – Radio Shows Listening

On Monday, I listened to two of the Radio Shows with some of the class: Logic Pod, and Ravioli Radio (me and my group’s!)

We first listened to Logic Pod. One of the things that stuck out to me was the use of real voices. It’s been a couple of days and I don’t really remember exactly what had happened, but I remember being astonished that the real voices actually sounded great! They sounded crisp (good), the mics were good, the sound quality fit each other, even with the few voices that were generative! And also, the people behind the voices did really well acting out their scripts. It was very believable!

There was a point at the end of the show that stuck out the most. It was a speech by I thinkkkk Robin’s character (although I don’t remember their name), a powerful one that I’ve been thinking about for days. I don’t remember what the message was, but I just remember that a mixture of the acting, the script, and tension in the audio made me feel really moved.

I also remember reading Robin’s posts, but also listening to when they came on air to answer questions, and Robin talked about how long it took to put together. It seemed very stressful, especially doing it all themself, but I think it came together really well and really connected. I was impressed!!

Finally, we listened to Ravioli Radio, and I was geeking behind my computer screen seeing what people were saying about the radio I worked on. It was so nice, everyone was so nice!! I think a lot of people liked it! Me and Summers went on air to answer questions after, and it was really fun to actually use my voice and talk about it instead of just typing it out. I was very happy with my results.

Overall, I just had a really good time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Powerful and Moving – Radio Shows Listening

  1. I’m so glad you liked Logic Pod 🙂 I’m honored that the monologue at the end of the show really stuck with you.
    Your group also put in a lot of work for Ravioli Radio and I was really impressed!! Y’all were so enthusiastic about the show in Discord and it put a smile on my face. Looking forward to what you create with your video project!

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