Week 11 Daily Creates

This week!!! I almost forgot about these entirely and ended up doing them really late.

On Wednesday, 4/3, the prompt was:

“Tell and show What made you smile today? Give us a story to smile. Make our dark lives a little bit shiny with your smile.

Already, reading that prompt made me sadly smile. I was in the dumps already from my own personal stuff, so I shared what made me happy that day:

“I had a rough day yesterday, and am kind of in the dumps, but my dad gave me a big hug today and squeezed me tight, so it made me feel good. I think hugs are a secret weapon against sadness”

So if you have someone to give you a hug when you’re down, I recommend it. It’s not a cure, but a little bandaid, at least 🙂

On Thursday, 4/4, the prompt was:

What is the funniest thing you see if you web or GenAI search ‘ds106’? Bonus points if you use a non-Google browser and share the name of that.

I actually did this one in the comfort of my bed (still in the dumps so I was rotting when I had free time instead of doing more work). So, after doing a deep dive by scrolling really fast through “ds106” on Google Imaged, here was my response!

I used Google and went to the images to find this, and just scrolled really fast and stopped and saw this and it made me laugh. I need to know if there’s a full version and how much money this is

It was actually kind of a jumpscare, because a lot of the images I saw while scrolling were faceless, so to be scrolling and suddenly see your professors face made me jump (with respect).

Also, I got an answer, it’s a 10!

On Friday, 3/5, the prompt was:

The fabulous @bryanmathers has created a remix site with a game of Top Trumps. Let’s use this to create our own #ds106 set.

So, I put together one for my cat!

behold . . . cat the cat (with 15 cat points)

I’ll walk you through it.

She’s loaf 2000 , because she is such a loaf and loafs all the time. She is actually bread, my little bread <3

Cutie 100, of course. Nothing to explain there. She’s just a cutie!!

Sleepy 75, because she is very good at sleeping, except for when it is inconvenient to me and she decides she wants to run in circles and chase her tail or beat up (playing) the other cats. This usually happens when its my sleep-time . . . so she loses points for that because she makes me lose sleep (and also I can’t sleep without her at my chest).

And Cat 15, because there’s a running joke between me and my friend that she is not a cat despite being named Cat and being a cat. She just behaves not entirely like a cat sometimes, and it’s just very funny for a cat named Cat to not behave like a cat.

That’s all!!

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