Week 12 Daily Creates

I started these early so I get to post this before Friday!! Woooo!!!

On Tuesday, 4/9, the prompt was,

Twist the colors to make some Spiral Art. Use “advanced mode” for deeper settings. Go to Spiro Artwork by Zazow. What will you turn into art? Share it out. (and maybe listen to some Spiro Gyra as you work — get it?)”

So I played around with this for a few minutes and came up with this!

Nothing super interesting about the work to this one to be honest, but this was just fun and satisfying to just click around and see what it did. I like how the closer you look you can see more individual lines. It’s so cool!

On Wednesday, 4/10, the prompt was,

Write a nonet about your daily creative practice.  What’s a nonet? I discovered this form thanks to Sam. A nonet is a nine-line poem. In the nonet form, each line contains specific, descending syllable counts. The first line contains nine syllables, the second line contains eight, the third line contains seven, and so on. The last line of nonet poetry contains one syllable. The nonet is a poetic form that can contain any rhyming scheme and cover any subject matter.  How to write a nonet.

You know I love when I’m tasked with writing something . . . that’s how I really get my brain going! I went to the first thing I could think of to write about, which was interesting, my computer’s fan, and I wrote,

The fan in my laptop screams at me
But I am barely using it
Maybe it is getting old
But it still works like new
Oh, it is calm now
Faint whispering,
it cries out,

Whoaaa, when I make that centered it looks really cool because of the descending syllables.

Anyways, this wasn’t too hard like I thought it would be. I just told the story of my laptop’s fan yelling at me and how maybe the laptop is getting to a point where she needs an upgrade . . . needs to be put out of her misery, perhaps. She was pricey though!! I’m not ready!!!

On Thursday, 4/11, the prompt was,

This famous New Yorker cartoon comments on the anonymity of going online. What else is true about the Internet?

And there really wasn’t a lot to think about here for me. I ended up posting,

“what else did you know about the internet? it’s listening to you . . . every word you type . . . it takes in . . . for the algorithm !”

I wanted it to be kind of eerie, so that you feel the hesitation, like, no . . . this can’t be . . . the Internet . . . it’s listening to me!! But, like, it’s normal, it’s not something we should be super concerned about because it has always done this with cookies and stuff (unless we should be concerned!)

That’s all for this week!

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