Sun on Earth

Aggressive Technologies just introduced a brand new AI model that plans to construct any form of media, whether that be art, movies, TV shows, plays, etc. into reality through the prompting of a user, sort of like a really, really big 3D printer that can create any story the user requests, and our beloved star in the sky is not pleased with this.

Now, typically, as an ethereal being, Sol prefers to stay out of human drama. They feel it isn’t fair for them to meddle into this stuff when they have the actual possibility of changing reality. However, as this is posing a threat to all storytellers on Earth, they knew they had to step in.

Sol chooses to leave subtle messages in the paintings of the sky that serve as a warning to the humans of the threat this AI model could pose if not regulated, as well as a threat to Aggressive Technologies to put regulations on the model. It got a bit of a message across, as news broadcast the message, but Aggressive Technologies stayed silent on the matter. It felt distasteful to Sol, seeing as there were humans who agreed to put limitations on the AI model, but Aggressive Technologies did not even issue a statement regarding it.

With much annoyance, Sol does what they have not done in a human-form in billions of years: they step foot onto Earth, marching directly up to the doorstep of Aggressive Technologies, prepared a long string of words to convince them how dangerous this AI model could quickly turn out to be.

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