The Silent War: Exposing Aggressive Technologies’ Assault on Creativity and Freedom

Sol has made a video pitch on why Aggressive Technologies should be run out of business. We all know that Sol has no hope for Aggressive Technologies and does not have faith that they will be good for humanity, so they have finally stepped foot to try to make a change.

Here is the video pitch:

They wrote the script for the video pitch, but utilized what they consider a good form of AI to create text to speech, because they did not want to reveal themselves quite yet and wanted to keep anonymity.

The pitch is more to start a movement, to gather people and gain more voices against Aggressive Technologies. Sol really wishes they could explain how the first red flag should’ve been the word Aggressive in the title . . . foolish of them.

While they’re not human, they understand how important human creativity is, how special it is, and that is why Sol is speaking out about it. If the humans do not realize, they will shove the truth in their faces until they finally understand.

Sol probably is getting tired of this and wants to get back to focusing on sky paintings.

I chose to use Fliki for this project. I had never heard of it before, but it was fairly easy to make without me having to do much at all other than some easy tweaks. There’s something really ironic about using AI to condemn AI . . . but I didn’t make the assignment.

I meant to copy the exact prompt I gave it for this, but it finished generating before I could copy it, and then it wouldn’t let me go back to the prompt (I was afraid it’d delete it if I went to the previous page). But roughly, I put in “generate a video pitch in a passive aggressive tone that explains why Aggressive Technologies (a company that is gaining control of most of the technology in our world) is a danger to artists and humanity and individuality and should be put out of business.”

I kind of like the more TikTok-esc style of video it went with. I couldn’t edit that, and I couldn’t edit the voice either (unless I just couldn’t find it) but think it was fine! I feel like this style of video is something that this generation is becoming a lot more familiar with, and it’s good to use familiarity in a pitch that’s meant to start a movement.

I’m not sure what else to say! There really wasn’t much that I did with this! I don’t hate it but I’m not a fan of it (I feel uneasy whenever I have to use generative AI). It’s done, though!

EDIT: I have done this assigment wrong . . . I misread the instructions, I thought we were putting Aggressive Technologies out of business, not having it put the AI we used out of business . . . well, it’s too late now, I hope this is fine!

One thought on “The Silent War: Exposing Aggressive Technologies’ Assault on Creativity and Freedom

  1. There is something subtly insolent about the way the video ends with a close up of the Visible Body’s butt.
    Even if it isn’t technically a pitch, it does show what the tool can do. It might be fun to find a way to build on what you have here.

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