I registered for this class because as a psychology major, there are no digital intensive classes within the major, so I had to find something outside of the major. In high school, I worked closely on our school’s yearbook along with the editors, so storytelling is very important to me.

I really like this idea that everyone has a story to tell. Our world is too diverse for us to all have the same story. Maybe stories can be the similar, but never the same.

I also like the idea that this world is so digital that anyone can hear your story, no matter where you are. Which is, ultimately, why I’m here.

As for goals, I want to learn more about the different ways to tell those stories digitally, figure out what options could be better for this type of story, or this other story, and so on. I’d also like to keep myself in check and actually reflect on my work instead of doing it and forgetting about it. I just really want to learn.

One final thing, I’m a little uncomfortable with AI, it makes me feel uneasy, so my final goal is to become at least a little more comfortable with AI. It’s getting to a point where there really is no hiding from it, so I think I had better start getting over my discomfort with it.

4 thoughts on “Goals!!

  1. Exploring AI might demystify it a bit, or least, give you something to hold on to as the AI Era storms upon us. Be open but be critical, is my thought. Good luck!
    Kevin (loosely affiliated with other DS106 projects over the years)

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