PSA! Aggressive Technologies – Redefining Tomorrow, Today!

Have you heard the recent PSA on the radio about Aggressive Technologies? They sound very hopeful, but it still feels eerie, like something isn’t right . . . Here, let me share it with you,

I’ll say, I didn’t put as much work into this one as I had other assignments, because the AI voice generator that I was using (ElevenLabs) told me I needed to upgrade to continue using it so it made me mad, so I couldn’t keep exploring the voices. I would have gone with a different voice, but this one will have to do.

I actually did not write the script, good friend ChatGPT wrote it for me. I prompted it, “create a 1-minute radio public service announcement about Aggressive Technologies becoming more widespread. it is propaganda and the psa is coming from Aggressive Technologies themself.” And it spat out,

Greetings from the forefront of innovation! This is Aggressive Technologies, the pioneers of a bold new era. We’re thrilled to share exciting news with you, our valued listeners. Brace yourselves, as the groundbreaking advancements of Aggressive Technologies are spreading far and wide, shaping the future of creativity!

Aggressive Technologies is no longer just a name; it’s a movement, a force for progress, revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with technology. Our cutting-edge solutions are becoming more widespread, touching every aspect of your daily life.

Imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds, where the impossible is within reach. Thanks to Aggressive Technologies, that future is now! Our innovative technologies are reshaping industries, powering your world with efficiency, inspiration, and boundless possibilities.

Join us on this journey towards a future where Aggressive Technologies empowers everyone. From smart homes to advanced workplaces, our influence is felt everywhere. Together, we’re creating a world where innovation is not just a luxury, but a way of life.

Embrace the wave of progress! Aggressive Technologies is here to lead the way, ensuring a brighter, more connected future. Visit our website, engage with our innovations, and be a part of the revolution that is reshaping the world.

Aggressive Technologies – Redefining Tomorrow, Today!

Which I thought worked pretty good! I like how it was enthusiastic! I really wanted it to sound inspiring and convincing, like people aren’t quite aware how much Aggressive Technologies is taking over. People want to join Aggressive Technologies because it is the future, they just don’t quite know the costs there might be. Propaganda!

I used Freesound for the audio and used this sound looped over and over and over for the backtrack. I wanted it to sound like it was interrupting the news, so I kept a news-type of jingle and vibe to it.

Really, this was easy. I used Audacity to mash them together, and all I really did was make the voice louder and the music quieter, as well as making the music fade in and out. I would have added more, but I wasn’t sure what else to add, so I left it at that.

This was a chill assignment! I wish I put more work into it, but I’m kind of uninspired and tired and want to go to bed.

Oh, and about Sol, this is just more and more of the Aggressive Technologies that they run into. Like I mentioned in past posts, they don’t actually spend a lot of time on Earth, but man, do they really keep focused on what’s going on with people. I mean, they have to so that they can tell stories through the sky, but they are very annoyed seeing all this Aggressive Technologies ads. “Imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds, where the impossible is within reach,” the PSA said, but it just leaves a sour taste in Sol’s mouth. I can tell you, they’re not a fan, and they don’t believe what narrative the company is trying to send. They pity those who believe it, but Sol stays out of it.

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