Aggressive Technologies (thumbs down emoji) – Week 7 Summary – 2/23-3/1

This week was pretty fine! I had a lot of assignments in other classes with midterms and jazz, so I was so grateful to have a simpler week this week. I did leave all my work for Friday, but that was mostly because I had to so I could focus on my other work. It’s okay, though, because I do think I did pretty fine this week!

In the last few weeks, I was trying a new style for organizing these summaries, and I think I like that way better, so here it is!

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates this week were pretty simple and easy! They still prepared me to get to actual work and get a little inspired! I talked about it a lot more in the post so I’ll save you the yapping, but these were nice. I especially liked the Net Art one, I think it was fun to come up with a prompt and see how it would scan the internet to give you a new image with a crazy amalgamation of images.


This might be one of the assignments I’m most proud of. After stepping away and going to work and coming back, I’m looking at my propaganda poster, and I’m like, “wow, I did that!” I think it looks really good! I think I have an advantage with experience with graphic design from high school, but I do think this was really good.

Now that I am looking at it again, I do see things that I missed or could have tweaked, but I’m stil happy!

One last thing, creating a Pinterest board for inspiration really helped me, I think. I actually had a good time getting inspired looking at these, so I think for other design-related assignments like this, I want to make boards for them to see what I can find and get inspired.

Public Service Announcement

I lost all of my inspiration by this post and spat out a not very fun PSA. I really liked other people’s PSAs, I don’t know why I lost all my inspiration and couldn’t make a similar one. I think I feel bored and dull about my PSA because I used ChatGPT to write it instead of me . . . that’s not really my type of thing, but I thought maybe it could write something more intelligent! Which, it did, but I just don’t feel happy because it didn’t come from me . . . I don’t know.


Looking at all the posts for this week was really fun! I loved seeing where people’s brains went for these assignments. Everyone is really creative!

One problem I’m having is that I can’t quite figure out what personality I want Sol to have. Every time I’m writing, I feel like I might be writing as myself and not as Sol. I’m having a rough time getting in their head, and part of me regrets making a character that’s similar to me, but it wasn’t super intentional. I hope as I keep doing these assignments related to them that I find their voice.

This week was fun! It’s also interesting to me because we just recently talked about propaganda in my Social Psychology class, so designing propaganda was fun because I could understand just what people are looking for in propaganda and just what influences them.

Very excited for break next week though . . . everyone have a good spring break!!

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  1. The propaganda poster and PSA are quite good. That’s the way to bring people over to the dark side.

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