Radio Show Brainstorming

If there’s one assignment I’m excited for, it’s this one. I JUST WANNA WORK WITH OTHERS!! I wanna see where their brains are, and how we can connect them!

An idea I had was to use Sol as a radio host. We know Sol as a painter of the skies, a painter of stories, but what if we also saw that they told stories through audio? What if they had a podcast where they reflected people’s stories, or discussed the latest story they painted in the sky?

I think it would be interesting to see other people’s characters as the ones who have told their stories on Sol’s radio. Maybe they come on air, and maybe Sol helps them relive the stories? Or maybe they just talk about it and discuss! Perhaps Sol is working with a character that is more into audio or engineering to help tell the stories, maybe a cohost!

These are rough ideas, and I have no idea if anyone else would be down, but I’m interested to see other people’s thoughts! (I’m now going to look at all the brainstorming posts to see if maybe someone has a better idea that I can piggy back off of)

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Brainstorming

  1. Dude I really enjoy the aesthetic of your page and character. It’s cool to see how enthusiastic and passionate you are about the assignments coming up, I hope they come to fruition for you!

    1. THANK YOU this means a lot 🙂 im trying to have fun with it and make it feel like me, but also branch out and explore ideas that i havent explored before

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