Sol – the Painter of Stories

It’s time for you all to meet my course character, Sol. I’ve sketched a little picture of them, but take it with a grain of salt, because Sol can take on any form imaginable.

Sol is a depiction of the sun and reveals themself as an artist, choosing to tell the stories of every single thing in life, no matter how big, or how small, through the sky. Sol, being the sun, is 4.6 billion years old, and doesn’t have a place of origin outside of space. They are a keeper of memories and a watcher of life, and translate that life into the painting of the sky, through a cascade of yellows, oranges, blues, pinks, etc.

Sol is described to be able to take on any form. Their most common humanoid form is a tall feminine form with dark skin and freckles scattering their round, yet high cheeks. Hair is in the shape of an afro, thick and furrowed in a circular shape around their head, dark with blond highlights, with a few coiled bangs falling over their face. They have large eyes and long eyelashes. They wear a yellow and orange flowy dress with a sun pattern in the torso. All of this can be seen roughly in the sketch, but every detail can change with the appearance Sol takes on.

Despite the fact that Sol’s depicted image in feminine, it’s important to keep in mind that Sol is genderless. Sometimes their humanoid figure can be masculine, other times feminine, sometimes not even a human at all. Everything is situational to Sol. Because of this, it’s important to refer to Sol using they/them pronouns.

Sol does not have a favorite food (although something is telling me they would love Italian food) and Sol does not have a favorite drink (although they would definitely love pina coladas). Sol also does not have a favorite book or movie. The reason for this is because each of these tell stories, and they feel it wouldn’t be fair to choose favorites. They feel as if it would create an unfair bias that they should not have while retelling their stories through the painting of the sky.

Sol paints the sky with a paintbrush typically, but sometimes will choose to fingerpaint or use different forms of tools. Sol intends on allowing the painting to tell multiple stories all over the world, all over the galaxy. Sometimes these stories will blur together with one another, sometimes they will not. Sometimes, the stories will shed light onto the ground below, impacting the lives of others. Sometimes they will not.

Sol’s motto is “tell everyone’s story, no matter how big, or how small.” They live by this motto and will continue to live by this motto forever.

Sol is very excited to hear the stories of everyone here and be able to tell new stories or paint the stories they hear!

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