Video Storytelling – Week 6 Summary – 2/16-2/23

This week . . . for having very little assignments, I don’t think I’ve ever done as much work as I did this week.

I’m going to structure this weekly summary different from usual just because it was a very messy week that I went back and forth on assignments on, so I think it’d just be easier to go through them based on each type of assignment.

So, here is this messy, messy week!

Daily Creates

I did two Daily Creates this week.

The first one I did on Wednesday, I created a snow globe, which I thought was really funny to make in late February. I wanted to go for a semi-realism look, but then I was also just having fun with a silly little Christmas in February assignment.

The second one I did on Friday, I just had to discuss what an image of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was discussing and agreeing on with a lil robot, so I decided to tie this into the course world and say that Aggressive Technologies was preparing to expand their buildings and factories to Canada! Not really a lot of thought put into it, but interesting to imagine if the course company slowly spread across the globe. I imagine that, now, it is, but this was in the past, when it was slowly dipping its toes into each continent and country.

Video Assignments

I need you guys to know that I actually did around 5 of these total . . .

I did the entire conversation with Dr. Oblivion assignment, had a whole 6-minute audio of Sol interviewing Dr. Oblivion, but every single time (I tried this at least 15 times) I tried to make Dr. Oblivion’s word audio into the video, the thing kept telling me that I didn’t have a GPU driver EVEN AFTER I WENT AND REINSTALLED A NVIDIA GPU DRIVER . . . I don’t know if maybe I just downloaded the wrong one (I was pretty sure and double checked my own laptop specs and specs on Google), but it just did not work any time and I was so frustrated that I didn’t even bother asking, because instead, I had a better idea.

“I’ll just make an animatic for it like this assignment in the assignment bank.”

WRONG! TOO MUCH WORK AND I AM TOO TIRED!! but we already started making frames of Sol . . .

so . . . I decided to stick with the animatic assignment, but make a different audio for Sol! Instead, I decided to build their character and explore the Top 5 most important things to them! Here is the post for that assignment:

I talked about it in the post, but editing this was so much easier than actually planning it or drawing it. It was a lot of fun to do and reawaken the artist that I kicked to the back of my head! Young me really wanted to be an animator, so this was very nice for that version of me!

I wish I had the inspiration to have actually done the interview of Oblivion, but it was draining so much of my energy and I just could not fathom doing 6 minutes of it . . . but I’ll tell you, Dr. Oblivion’s snarkiness was annoying Sol.

Another Video Assignment I did was a little Get Ready With Me where I did makeup inspired by Sol! This . . . I filmed 3 different makeup looks (could not find one I was happy with), decided on one I was happy with, edited the video, tried to send it to my laptop from my phone, then actually deleted it from my phone before it had finished sending and lost everything. First off, huge shout out to me for not crying and punching a wall, but that defeated me for the rest of the day.

SO I DID IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY!! And I did not delete the video, and I actually liked this one a lot better, anyways, so here is the post:

This was a lot of fun because this was the type of makeup I imagined Sol in when I was drawing them, and it was like they were coming to life!! It was actually so fun, despite the frustration and mishaps . . . as Sol doesn’t have a consistent body/form (although, I only draw them in the form I designed for the sake of consistency and not confusion), I think it would be so fun to try out other makeup that I think Sol would do!

Also, editing this was fine! I used iMovie which was really easy to learn after a lot of trial and error with the mishaps.

The final assignment I did was an interview of myself.

I talked about this in the post, but this was eye-opening to me and uncovered a lot of truth for me. It made me realize how unhealthy my habits are, and how I really need to fix them sooner than later. It was also kind of nice imagining myself in the future and hoping to see how far I’ve come. I think this allowed me to love myself a little, or at least give myself the time of day to relax and think.

Editing was easy peasy for this one too 🙂

Aggressive Technologies

This assignment was pretty simple, just world building and placing Sol into the course world and not just in the sky. I’m actually so excited to see how they will interact with the other characters, because I like to imagine that Sol never steps foot on Earth, so to avoid messing with people’s lives.

Here is the assignment!

This week was very stressful from the amount of work I made myself do and all of the errors over and over, but I think I learned a lot about it, and I explored things that made me uncomfortable! Huge kudos to editors because this was aggravating for a really long time and very time-consuming, so I can’t imagine how much time editors actually put into things.

Next week will be better! Things will go my way!!

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