Where Creativity Never Sleeps – Radio Bumper

Today, I worked on a radio bumper for our radio show!

This might be the first time I’ve ever heard Dr. Oblivion sound a little enthusiastic! (I put the same prompt in over and over until he didn’t sound dead inside)

I use the CC Search and looked up “futuristic,” originally for inspiration, but then I found this which linked me to a Freesound audio that I ended up liking enough to use! It’s the only music I used, and I only really fiddled with fading in and fading out at the start, start of Oblivion’s message, end of Oblivion’s message, and the end of the bumper.

The only other thing I did was talk to Dr. Oblivion and convince him to give me a radio bumper and end it with the familiar phrase “ds106 for life!” This took a while, because sometimes he told me he couldn’t do it, other times he would, and other times he’d just spit out something that wasn’t quite what I wanted. I ended up using two different responses he had, both where I had to tweak a little to get the sort of message or tone that I wanted.

I put everything together in Audacity. It was pretty simple, but I wish I could get rid of the slight background noise for Dr. Oblivion. I also wish I could just make him speak with a little emotion . . . but I know, he’s literally an AI, of course he’s not gonna be full of emotion.

Not sure what else to add for this, but it’s what I’ve made!

One thought on “Where Creativity Never Sleeps – Radio Bumper

  1. It’s tough to get Dr. Oblivion to do what you want, but it’s great when you can get creative with what he gives you. The bumper came out well.

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