Terms and Conditions Apply – Radio Commercial

Today, I worked on a Radio Commerical for Ravioli Radio! I don’t think we will end up using it, but it was fun to make regardless!

The Assignment in the Assignment Bank that I followed as this one, which stated,

When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, I would want people paying attention to my commercial! So, for this audio assignment pick a product or business you would like to promote and sell! Use a audio recording software such as soundcloud to record your commercial. Add in background music, edits, and provide full information of the business/product/services you are advertising. Try to create a radio commercial that grabs and maintains the audiences’ attention. On the side, write why you chose the object or business you are promoting and the process you used to create your commercial.

Part of Dr. Ravioli‘s whole story is that he rides a moped, he gives away mopeds at his Radio show, and they are just apart of his identity. We already have a Moped Commerical that we will be using, but this is just another if we need to throw one in for more time or anything! So, everyone gets a free moped (terms and conditions do apply)

I used FreeSound to find a commercial-sounding audio that was a little upbeat and motivational. Get you inspired, make sure you want that free moped and you will go get that free moped. So, I used this audio for that tone and mood.

I ended up using ChatGPT and my brain to come up with a fun, inspiring script to follow, and then used the ElevenLabs voice Jessie for the voice. I like this voice, I think it’s pretty funny. Originally, I was gonna voice it myself, but this one is just so funny, and it actually added character to some of the words instead of just reading them boringly.

I put this all together in Audacity, but I really feel like some of the voice audio’s could have been closer together, but I didn’t feel like it fit with that part of the song, so I don’t know. Regardless, it was fun to put together! Really easy stuff, mostly just twiddling with the spacing, making one audio quieter and the other louder, and then adding a fade out at the end.

But yeah! This was fun! You get a free moped! (not from Dr. Ravioli… so no guarnatee that it works… this is real sketchy).

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