Daily Create 1/23/24

Here is my own version of the Voynich manuscript!

I’m sure the next question for people is: what does it mean? What was my intention behind it? What is the story? What does it even say? And here’s the honest truth:

I don’t know.

I like the idea that these kinds of things can mean anything to anyone, that the point is that you try to make your own interpretation based on what you’re given, so there isn’t entirely an answer. It’s whatever you want it to be, whatever message you want it to be.

(my message must be something related to an apple and a frog-like creature because that’s what my hand decided to scribble out)

5 thoughts on “Daily Create 1/23/24

  1. This is so cute! I have no clue what the words say, but the images are adorable and I am definitely getting the frog. An abstract frog, sure, but a frog nonetheless.

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