Sol’s Business Card – Design Assignment

Have you ever wanted to hire a professional artist? Maybe one who paints the sky? Maybe one who isn’t really human but has a passion for telling humans’s stories? Well don’t you worry, I have a business card just for you from a good friend of mine if you’re interested in hiring them.

I’m sure they would love to paint up the sky for you 🙂

For my Design Assignment, I followed this design prompt:

We’re reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.

Well, I didn’t use Photoshop, mostly because I have no idea if we get Photoshop with our school accounts, and I definitely don’t have Photoshop, so instead, I used everyone’s favorite free, online alternative: CANVA!!

I had essentially a few ideas: I needed this to look like a painting and it HAD to be associated with the sky. I mean, that’s Sol’s whole purpose: paint the sky, tell the stories. That’s really all you have to get! It’s that simple. I also wanted it to be coherent and use the same colors, so I grabbed colors from the image I grabbed from Canva of the sky painting, and used those colors for the text. I also didn’t want it to be overwhelmed with text, because I thought the painting should be the main focus, as that’s what Sol does.

I actually kind of like this! I think I would like to, maybe sometime, come up with other designs for business cards for Sol, test what other ideas I could come up with, things like that. So this was a lot of fun!!

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